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This Maths test will Tell You About Your Favourite Personality.
But, don't look at the answer first
Pick 1 Number from 1-9
Then multiply by 3,
Then add 3,
Then multiply by 3 again,
You will get 2 digit number,
Dono ko add karain,
And that will be your favourite person.
1. Quaid Azam
2. Allama Iqbal
3. Einstein
4. Nelson Mandela
5. Imran Khan
6. Angelina Jolie
7. Ricardo Kaka
8. Obama
9. (Write Your name here)

So you see, I always knew that I was your favourite personality.

Submitted By Muneer

Autograph Please!
Nick Name:
Blood Group:
Best Friend:
Best Teacher:
Favourite Color:
Favourite Movie:
Favourite Song:
Favourite Game:
Favourite Place:
Send it your Friends But reply me First

Submitted By Muneer

Kash main or ap _____ na hote?
Bal k _____ hotay
Complete this sentence.
Send 2 others
& see that log ap k or apny bary meinn kiya likhty hen?
but reply me first.

Submitted By Muneer

2010 ka sab se pappu sawal,

Ap nahate hue kya sochte hain?
"Kuch nahi" kay ilawa sub answer allowed hein & agar ap ka answer nahi aya tou is ka matlab ap nahate nahi ho.
So, reply must

Submitted By Muneer

Ap aj aisa question pocho...
jis se mere chehre pe smile ajaye.
Forward karo aur dekho,,,
ap kay dost ap se kya question karte hain?
But, reply me first

Submitted By Muneer

Mera koi naam na hota,
Tou aap meri aadat aur nature k lehaz se,
Mujhe kya naam dete?
Send this to all your friends and get new names
But reply me first.

Submitted By Muneer

If I m a hero,
then according 2 u
Which heroen will suit me the best?
Reply me fast

Submitted By Muneer

Send me the 6th msg of your Inbox,
Wat ever it iz...
No cheating!
Send dis sms 2 ur friends
But reply me first

Submitted By Muneer

1 mazedar sawal!
Agar apko khuli ejazat ho,,,
ap dunia mein kisi k sath b shadi kar saktay hein
to wo kon khushnaseeb hogi/hoga? Reply must with Her/His name.

Submitted By Muneer

Tell the Truth:
Name a person who when ever send u a message u feel so happy..?

Submitted By Muneer

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